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Lucha Talk

Sep 19, 2023

Dylan and Micro are back talking CMLL's Aniversario Show we watched live, which also features one of the best matches of the whole year and one of the most emotional endings! We go through the rest of the card, and talk about some ups, downs, and a completely rabid fanbase at Arena México for the biggest show in Lucha...

Aug 16, 2023

On this episode we go through the AEW tribute show known as TripleMania XXXI: México City in all it's glory. Very few are safe from criticism but there actually was good to point out on the show too that we go through.

Talk Lucha with the Trio (Miss you, Fredo)

Jul 17, 2023

Lucha Talk returns with a show talking about TripleMania Tijuana, a show with many many issues we try our best to work through. With Fredo away Dylan & Micro discuss the entire card, questionable decisions and even to the main event we have AEW Star Kenny Omega returning to AAA to face Hijo del Vikingo for the...

Jun 27, 2023

Lucha Talk is back, Fredo is out this month but Dylan & Micro are here talking about everything going on in CMLL including Máscara Dorada 2.0's sudden change along with the original coming back as Metalik, FantasticaMania making it's Mexican debut to bring in the NJPW talent and the big breakup between Los Infernales,...

May 9, 2023

THE TRIO IS BACK! Lucha Talk returns after an extended hiatus with a feel good show with loose outline going over some recent and semi-recent comings and goings in both CMLL like the Rocky Romero & Volador Jr. feud & AAA like with AAA's many TripleManias and the big one coming up with Kenny Omega vs. Hijo del Vikingo....