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Lucha Talk

Nov 23, 2016

A big week in Lucha comes in with a bang as the shocking winner of Aztec Warfare took the twitter world by storm. The Trios go over the Aztec Warfare match itself, highs, lows, and plants galore. But none topping the controversy surrounding Sexy Star and the reaction afterwards. The LT Crew has their take. Despite getting made to look like a geek yet again in LU, Pentagón Jr. has a strong week in AAA, capping off a solid main event with Dylan & Liger Fever getting a tad uncomfortable translating his raunchy (but awesome) promo. DTU announced its first iPPV with an amazing main event of Negro Casas vs. Flamita which sounds great! ...If it airs. Elite held its swan song which gets universally panned and laughed at by everyone up and down this card. At least they decided against airing the infamous Blue Demon Jr. episode. The king himself Ultimo Guerrero rules CMLL yet again, in a surprisingly fun Leyenda de Azul. Talk about the CMLL bodybuilding show and next week's Dinastia tournament closes out a packed Lucha Talk. Happy Thanksgiving! *Special note: If interested check out the brand new Lucha Talk Playlist on youtube if you want to see some of the best matches of the week in Lucha all in one place! -