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Lucha Talk

Jan 17, 2019

Lucha Talk is back! For an even crazier time than usual with multiple tangents about random things, including which member of the Trio was advised to work with Double J, Jeff Jarrett and if he should take that advice, and if Micro is still into Astrology? There's a lot of actual Lucha stuff to talk about too though thankfully, we catch up from our Christmas and New Year's break, talk about the great CMLL best of the year show, a horrible follow up and then our takes on the debuts of Atlantis Jr. and Hijo del Villano III for CMLL and how they looked. Then a breakdown of the first FantasticaMania show and what we think of the concept as a whole. After some news and notes, an update on Histeria and his health, along with the return of the Tapatia awards and even some talk about AEW and which Méxican company they might have their eyes on. Talk Lucha with the Trio: @DylanZeroSky - @therealfredo - @MICROMANFEVER