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Lucha Talk

Nov 30, 2016

Lucha Talk continues its monumental run with the usual recaps of the weekly Lucha shows from Lucha Underground, AAA, & CMLL, as well as an extended look at the recent show from The Crash with questionable fancam work and even more questionable wrestling from Teddy Hart. The shocking Sexy Star Lucha Underground Title switch gets another spotlight again with booking that had everyone shaking their heads. CMLL gets a spotlight to close the show with the recent Bobybuilding Contest defying all the odds and getting an extended segment before discussion of the very cool Dynasty Tournament as well as future plans in the company, with news and notes around the world in Lucha closing out another wild week in Lucha Libre. Follow the guys on Twitter @DylanZeroPS @therealfredo @LIGERFEVER as well as keep US indy Luchador Gringo Loco in your thoughts as he suffered a heart attack after a match recently in Chicago. (He should be fine! But still. Heart Attack.)