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Lucha Talk

Apr 17, 2019

This week on Lucha Talk the trio is back at it again, Micro's back and we're talking the Parejas Increibles tournament and the surprise winning team of the first block, previewing next week and talking about the craziness involving Aerostar and an update from Alfredo on the latest Sexy Star drama that Fredo translated and his research shows how mistranslations can cause problems, even for one like Dulce Garcia. Also to Dylan's amazement both Fredo & Micro watched her debut MMA foght for Combates America and their thoughts may surprise you. We also talk about the Liga de Campeones that is set to feature AAA, MLW, Impact Wrestling, as well as the surprise returns of Elite and even AroLucha!? Also inexplicably the show ends with talking about Aliens.

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