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Lucha Talk

Dec 21, 2016

The 2nd in the two part promotion exclusive series airs this week as the regular Trios tributes the promotion of the week by expanding to an Atomícos as we welcome our first ever guest on Lucha Talk, the renowned Lucha expert and video maker, Highspots' biggest hockey fan, and explosive twitter personality, Rob Viper! The crew run down AAA from the beginning with interesting pit stops along the way including When Worlds Collide, the exoduses to WCW, a look at Promo Azteca, then the heyday of Los Vipers and a few years of epic angles and praise of Antonio Peña's vision and starmaking ability including a must-hear breakdown of Los Barrio Boys, Los Vipers, & Los Warriors. Konnan's rise to power in the mid-2000s and some of the promotion's more telenovela style angles back then, all the way to the downturn of the company in 2015 to today and a critical eye looking to the future of the company and its current roster, with Rob offering his take on if the TripleMania 2017 main event Apuestas match between Psycho Clown & Dr. Wagner Jr will actually take place. A can't miss 4 person episode of Lucha Talk continues the record breaking podcast as 2016 nears its end. Follow the usual 3 Amigos on twitter @DylanZeroPS - @therealfredo - @LIGERFEVER - As well as check out Rob @RobViper for all your weekly Méxican wrestling goodness.