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Lucha Talk

Apr 14, 2020

Lucha Talk is back with a show completely about a singular Luchador and someone highly influential to this day as a worldwide star. On this show Dylan, Alfredo, & Micro talk about Manny Alfonso Andrade Oropeza, known currently in WWE as Andrade, but before his leaving to WWE, we give a full breakdown of who Lucha fans know him best as: La Sombra. We start from the beginnings of the gimmick of La Sombra before Andrade started it, his father and his beginnings in Lucha before getting into his 9 year CMLL run in depth, from Brillante Jr. to someone who moved up the card very early on in his career as well as a look at CMLL at the time, some of his standout matches and then his growth through his rudo turn and him being an integral part of Los Ingobernables and his rise up through the entire world of wrestling, before touching on his WWE run and how he's held up against all of our expectations leaving, and his potential future going forward. Talk Lucha with the Trio about Sombra or any other topic: @DylanZeroSky - @therealfredo - @MICROMANFEVER