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Lucha Talk

Dec 30, 2016

The last special episode before a return to the weekly breakdown format in the new year ends 2016 on a high note running down the very best (and a little of the worst early on but the less said the better on that) of Lucha Libre in México as well as Lucha Underground. The show closes out with some predictions heading into 2017 of things that could happen. Feliz Navidad from all of the Lucha Talk familia. (Prospero año y felicidad) The categories discussed on this week's show include, with a few added tangents thrown in for good measure. Luchador of the Year: Match of the Year: Promotion of the Year: Best Moment: CMLL Luchador of the Year: AAA Luchador of the Year: Lucha Underground Luchador of the Year: Elite Luchador of the Year: Indie Luchador of the Year: Best Rudo: Best Técnico: Best Brawling Luchador: Best Maestro-style/Technical Luchador: Best Flying Luchador: Most Underrated Luchador/Luchadora: Show of the Year: Best Team/Group: Luchadora of the Year: Most Lucha-y Match Finish: - As always follow the Lucha Talk crew on twitter @DylanZeroPS - @therealfredo - @LIGERFEVER and make sure to check out the Lucha MOTY youtube Playlist Liger Fever put together that highlights our best matches of 2016 if you missed any of Lucha's best: