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Lucha Talk

Mar 9, 2017

This week the Trio returns with a lot of strange topics to put off having to talk about one of the worst main events anyone can remember in Lucha including Impact Wrestling bringing in a number of Lucha stars including La Rebelión's Garza Jr., Alberto El Patrón, & one of the OG3 of MLW, Konnan to make his return! From there Dylan & Lige go back to AAA Worldwide for a redux of the same main event we've seen a zillion times as well as a really good tag match. In addition we go over the winners from stage 1 of La Llave de la Gloria and who we think has the most potential. Then we go over the recent segment involving Conan O'Brien on his show in regards to Lucha Libre with the late night legend and his running buddy Andy Richter training in Lucha under their characters El Gallo Loco and El Bebe Malo respectively. How did they look in the ring? (Spoiler: Better than certain main eventers) Finally we finally tackle CMLL Friday as we talk about Yoshitatsu and if his performance was the worst ever seen in an Arena México ring and pity poor Volador Jr. for having to work with the Joker. (Dylan was running on empty for this episode for all sorts of reasons, apologies for any mispronounced words in Spanish or English or Coco!) Follow the Trios on Twitter @DylanZero0615 - @therealfredo - @LIGERFEVER