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Lucha Talk

Mar 15, 2017

Another week, another episode of Lucha Talk as the Trio hits the half-year mark of the show with a light week of Lucha Libre including: CMLL this Friday, and a last second preview of Dos Leyendas with predictions of the matches that matter and we still were unhappy with Yoshitatsu's performance even after he's gone. From there we hit up AAA and Dylan & Lige struggle to find out who is the real Vampiro character on AAA Worldwide, including a can't miss closing segment featuring Texano stumbling into Vampiro's janitor's closet. To close out the show we go over the relationship between The Crash, Impact Wrestling, & NOAH, with Fredo taking time to mention how much he hated Impact's commentary after giving it the chance he promised, then in the main event segment, Fredo & LigerFever talk about a pair of excellent matches and performances from the former Chairman of WCW LA Park, including what many are calling the Lucha MOTY against Rush. As usual follow the Trios Champions of Lucha Libre on Twitter @DylanZero0615 - @therealfredo - @LIGERFEVER #Lucha #LAPark #DosLeyendas #TheCrash