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Lucha Talk

Mar 22, 2017

Lucha Talk is here for its biggest show in weeks! (Well, it's the same amount of time as usual just with more important stuff to talk about) Lucha Underground debuted on Netflix and its Méxican counterpart had one of its most notable shows in which a young star was solidified as the King of Kings in Lucha Libre, and our reaction to Lucha Talk favorite Argenis wins in a shocker to many. On top of that we talk about the creative changes in AAA and where it's going in the future, as well as the surprising and befuddling alliance with Impact Wrestling on top of Impact's association with The Crash (Dylan also tuned in to Impact and thought it was a lot better than last week with the Luchadores actually debuting) and the likelihood of it being successful. Then things close out with a review of a show that made at least 9 dollars as we all ordered it, in CMLL Homenaje a Dos Leyendas. Was the Pierroth/Diamante Azul main event the worst of all time as some predicted? Tune in to find out! Follow us on Twitter and let us know what you think of the show and your takes on all the Lucha topics: @DylanZero0615 - @therealfredo - @LIGERFEVER and spread the word, keep things going and help grow both Lucha Libre & Lucha Talk!