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Lucha Talk

Apr 5, 2017

Lucha Talk returns again for the 29th straight week, covering all the Lucha that happened over the week in the shadow of WrestleMania Weekend. First off we reach the conclusion of the Rey de Reyes show from AAA with part 2 this week that overdelivered on all our expectations, Taya and Hamada doing well, the Triple Crown Title match and the Aero Star/Super Fly Apuestas match being 2 of AAA's best matches of the year. From there a brief rundown of Lucha Libre at Orlando this weekend including Volador Jr. making his ROH debut opposite Dragon Lee in a strong tag match, Sexy Star in Shimmer in a surprisingly nifty performance, and the former La Sombra losing in NXT as usual. The show closes out with a discussion of CMLL, their Friday Show, Matt Taven, and Niebla Roja getting turned on by the Guerreros. Follow the Trios on Twitter @DylanZero0615 - @therealfredo - @LIGERFEVER and talk to us about anything in wrestling, including all the greatest Lucha. Rate, Review, Subscribe everywhere podcasts are heard and help keep growing the show and Lucha Libre!