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Lucha Talk

Apr 13, 2017

This week on Lucha Talk, the show has a very special extended opening segment as the team reminisces about the career of the legendary Juárez Lucha Libre star Fishman. How he started, his names, his amazing mask, his rivalries and mask wins, his world touring, the end of his career and later life. It all gets covered. Sadly, the bad news doesn't stop there as we also discuss Joaquin Roldan's passing. His rise to prominence behind the scenes in AAA and his influence up to the later years. From there we go to Joaquin Roldan's former company, talking about the first show after Rey de Reyes, that Fredo defied the odds and returned again! (It might be the last week of that) The Crash had its big show, and we talk a little bit about that. A wild Cruiserweight match, a solid main event and an unfortunate DJZ injury. Finally CMLL had an excellent tournament this week with the Reyes del Aire, even with a surprise winner. It gets extended run along with a preview of next week's La Copa Jr. tournament, with the most random bottom of the barrel Luchadores around getting main show appearances and mixing it up with the future of the company. Predictions and a breakdown of the competitors follow. Follow Lucha Talk on twitter and talk wrestling with the guys @DylanZeroSky - @therealfredo - @LIGERFEVER - as well as &