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Lucha Talk

Apr 19, 2017

This week Lucha Talk focuses on the two main shows in Lucha Libre, CMLL Super Viernes & AAA Worldwide, with perhaps our most in depth show review ever of Super Viernes, running through many topics including: - The minis are going nowhere - The great La Copa Junior Block A match - Cuatrero's greatness and being one of the MVPs of not just the tournament but CMLL as a whole - The worst Hechicero performance ever that will never be talked about ever again by us - And our lead story, Niebla Roja's non-turn, and where this is going, what character he should have, and a bold Aniversario prediction from one co-host - Ultimo Guerrero & Atlantis: ONE MORE TIME And in between that show and a AAA show that was quite a mess, we briefly speak about Sexy Star's boxing debut, her opponent, and make predictions on the match. Plus Zack Sabre Jr. making his Méxican debut! As always talk to the Trios on Twitter about the show, Lucha Libre, and anything else you want: @DylanZeroSky @therealfredo @LIGERFEVER