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Lucha Talk

Apr 26, 2017

Another week of Lucha action, this time even more behind the scenes in the ring, as AAA & Impact came together in a press conference to announce some of their plans moving forward including AAA's International touring this year, and talent sharing with as of yet unannounced wrestlers agreed upon to appear between companies. Also on the American side of AAA's offices we touch on the rumors revolving around Penta El 0M (Pentagón Jr.) and his contract with LU. On the Lucha TV show side of things, we have a rare week where CMLL loses the battle with a show that we're unsure of if it was truly a Friday show or a Tuesday show in disguise. AAA sees the debut of Hijo del Vikingo and that's enough for Fredo. Of course, in between all this Dylan & Lige went over Sexy Star's boxing debut as they did watch. How did she do? Did she win on the Lucha Talk scorecards? Why was her opponent so short? Many questions, now and for her future. Follow the Trios on Twitter and talk to us about Lucha, wrestling, even boxing! @DylanZeroSky - @therealfredo - @LIGERFEVER Check out Fredo and his website LuchaWorld's brand spanking new Patreon with secret podcasts, unearthed treasures from the Golden Era of Lucha Libre, and all sorts of great content you won't get anywhere else: