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Lucha Talk

May 11, 2017

This week on Lucha Talk, Fredo returns from his Cauliflower Alley Club break with fun stories about many guests he chatted with or saw make sppeches including Big Dave Meltzer, Tully Blanchard, the GLOW Girls, among others, and his take on last week's amazing mascotas match! After that we get into another sad Lucha death with one of Lucha's most prolific trainers as well as a veteran and current Trios champion in AAA, Gran Apache. Stories of his great work and him being a star of one of AAA's best & most beloved storylines. From there we talk about AAA as well as CMLL posting very underwhelming shows this week, providing the burn to viewers. (Though next week both shows have at least one promising match) The Crash however shined with their updated youtube page delivering a few strong matches shot with a unique camera angle that 1 of the 3 kinda liked, thankfully they go over all the fun brought forward by the Tijuana based group. Dragon Lee & Volador Jr. heading to Japan closes the show as the guys break down the odds for great matches, could one of the two win their block, is "The Man" trying to hold Méxicans? All are talked about on a PACKED edition of the show! Follow the Trio on Twitter and talk about Lucha, Méxican culture, Elisa Tudon, and anything you want @DylanZeroSky - @therealfredo - @LIGERFEVER