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Lucha Talk

May 31, 2017

Dylan is back after missing last week, completing the trio again, and adding his piece back to the puzzle. After last week's insanity in Lucha, we move to more craziness as we discuss Lucha Underground coming back! On top of that, we cover perhaps the worst ending of the year on AAA TV as AAA continues to make their march towards an award winning year. Finally we scope out CMLL and their title situation, putting together our own tournaments for the titles, with different winners abounding for reasons you won't see many other companies come up with for potential champions. ("Because he needs something nice after destroying his car" & "He'll just book himself to win"). Only in Lucha! Follow the Trio on twitter @DylanZeroSky - @therealfredo - @LIGERFEVER AND email us! It'll make us happy. Send in any comments or questions at