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Lucha Talk

Aug 9, 2017

Here's what the Trio's talking about this week on the Lucha Talk podcast:

*Sam Adonis vs Blue Panther have a great hair vs hair match followed by Sam getting his own documentary. What's next for the controversial Trump supporting Luchador? Regardless we go over a really fun Friday show featuring the Dinamitas are still excellent and the Micros are a hoot again.

*Also they take a look at AAA and their show, with an expert analysis of the room they were in.

*Lucha Underground continues their hot streak of shows with a strong episode featuring one of the best matches of the season for sure.

All that and more news and notes from the wild world of Lucha Libre.

To talk to the guys and let us know what you think of the show and anything else in the world go to @DylanZeroSky - @therealfredo - @MICROMANFEVER on Twitter