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Lucha Talk

Aug 30, 2017

The 50th episode spectacular of Lucha Talk just so happens to fall on the day of TripleMania! After last week's epic preview we get right into it, breaking down all the big news including Sexy Star shooting on Rosemary in the women's match, a Torneo TripleMania nobody still understands, but most importantly the mask match main event which provided one of the year's great moments.

Then we discussed the biggest news in Lucha outside of TripleMania with The Crash bringing in a huge acquisition in Rush, CMLL involved in some strange dealings by their standards, but we break it all down here along with the ramifications including the dream match of Rush vs Penta El 0M

From there we go over a Lucha Underground episode that had Fredo depressed and a CMLL show which had everyone depressed.

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