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Lucha Talk

Sep 27, 2017

Episode 54: ¡Invitados Sorpresas!

This week on Lucha Talk the Trio have a special episode after the tragic Méxican earthquakes, with no Lucha on tap at Arena México and AAA at the Hard Rock, we have on Lucha Libre experts who were live in México for CMLL's Aniversario, and a unique discussion of the country, what it's like to travel there, and how Lucha is viewed in it's native country. In addition, the live experience of CMLL Aniversario & other Lucha events over the week. Closing things out we have a roundtable discussion on AAA's Live Twitch Show and Lucha Underground headed into Ultima Lucha.

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In addition our thoughts & prayers go out to all suffering in México due to the recent Earthquakes as well as in Puerto Rico facing their Hurricanes. If you would like to help check out these great causes:

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