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Lucha Talk

Oct 4, 2017

Episode 55: Wrestling Observer HOF Special

This week on Lucha Talk, it's a very special episode which happens to be our longest ever. We break down the Wrestling Observer Newsletter's Hall of Fame ballot for the Mexico region and have perhaps the most in depth coverage of the Lucha candidates ever heard on a podcast before. Regardless of any sort of voting or Hall of Fame, these names are truly legends and had a legit impact on Lucha Libre and the wrestling world as a whole and they deserve to be discussed in depth, and each man gets their time to shine in the discussion, with Alfredo giving historical context to each of their careers and peak runs in Lucha, from the 50s to this day, there are Luchadores discussed throughout history and those names are as follows we talk about:

Los Brazos ( El Brazo - Brazo de Oro - Brazo de Plata )

Sangre Chicana

Carístico / Mistico

Cien Caras

Ultimo Guerrero

Ruben Juarez

Karloff Lagarde

Blue Panther

LA Park

Huracán Ramirez

Los Misioneros de la Muerte ( El Signo - El Texano - Negro Navarro )

Villano III


Dr. Wagner Jr.

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