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Lucha Talk

Oct 25, 2017

This week on Lucha Talk Fredo is out due to a power outage, but Dylan and MicromanFever are here to go over a huge week in Lucha obviously centered around Lucha Underground's Season 3 Finale and the shocking angle to close the season, the show's legacy in the wrestling business, and potential for the future. From there it's a return to form in AAA Worldwide covering Heroes Inmortales with conflicting opinions, particularly for the Reina de Reinas title match, with one liking it and the other not at all. Also this week we see the CMLL Leyenda de Plata Final, with a huge match between Volador Jr. and Carístico to determine this year's champion and a spectacular Trios match in the undercard, with the closing topic revolving around CMLL in Japan for FantasticaMania, with the lineups revealed for the NJPW tour!

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