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Lucha Talk

Nov 8, 2017

A very special episode of Lucha Talk this week when the Trio welcomes on a super special guest in "Dr. Lucha" Steve Sims of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter & Figure Four Weekly. We go over a number of topics in an epicly long but extremely important episode. We're talking about:

- Alberto El Patrón's latest hijinks and potential future in México as well as the US

- The WON HOF and top candidates Steve voted for and thinks are most deserving

- Lucha Underground (With the Dr.'s diagnosis of its future)

- The Crash and their future on Méxican TV

- AAA and why the Doctor thinks it's a promotion in serious trouble

- CMLL and it's recent Dia de Muertos shows with an excellent match on Friday

- Finally Dylan, Alfredo, & Micro talk about the new legendary Lucha de Barrio promotion

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