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Lucha Talk

Dec 14, 2017

Episode 65: AroLucha is Here

This week on Lucha Talk the Trio talk about all kinds of news in Lucha, AroLucha debuted in Nashville, they streamed a match on FB and sold out, we talk about it a bit. In addition Dylan and Micro go head to head regarding this week's AAA Worldwide in terms of what was the worst match on the show. As well as a match to anticipate in Hijo del Fantasma vs. Rey Escorpión. CMLL has a lot going on to close out the year with 2 Apuestas matches on Christmas and New Year's Day announced, including a cage match! We also break down the intriguing relevos increibles main event and scope out potential feuds to come out of it. Also of note to kick off the show is talk about the CMLL 85 Years of Lucha book that was just released and info on where/when/if it's making its way online.

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