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Lucha Talk

Jan 25, 2018

Curious about what CMLL is all about? Enjoyed the FantasticaMania NJPW tour? The Trio is here for you! We're here with a special look into CMLL, all the way to the top, their schedule, their booking, behind the scenes, and a breakdown of the roster and its main players as well as our own personal favorites and our thoughts on how to make the shows better from their normal pattern, plus what changes the company is currently undergoing. Then to close out the show we make predictions for big mask matches in CMLL for 2018 as well as general things before finally bringing it home with listener questions from you about CMLL in general!

Follow the hosts and ask them any questions you would like about CMLL, Lucha, follow up on the show, suggestions and show feedback: @DylanZeroSky - @therealfredo - @MICROMANFEVER

Join us next week for the return of regularly scheduled Lucha Talk~