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Lucha Talk

Nov 2, 2016

This week's episode revolves around much of the shows that took place this week, kicking off with the man of the hour and the upset of the year in CMLL as Valiente was crowned the Universal Champion. The Dia de Muertos shows and concept is analyzed, and the Trios tries to make sense of why Ultimo Guerrero gets after his meaningless main event win on Sunday. FantasticaMania lineups were announce and they're covered all the way. Moving on to Elite we saw one of their best overall episodes including an espectacular Trios match, and the shocking throwing down of his Volador Jr. Fanclub headband by one host, who aligns himself with Rey Escorpión, who gets much praise. AAA also has a surprisingly solid show this week that gets broken down in depth including Psycho Clown's "return" and smart angles to build up their Team Trump angle. Lucha Underground is ran down as always and no punches are pulled at the effort this week from Boyle Heights. All that and a roundtable discussion on the streaming services for wrestling and the effect and the role we think Lucha promotions will play coming off the news of RIOT getting picked up by as well as rumors of FloSlam looking into México for content, with big news seemingly on the horizon down the line that we look ahead and speculate on. #PorraReyEscorpión