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Lucha Talk

Apr 18, 2018

Lucha Talk is back! We're talking about a plethora of topics to make up, almost like we were never gone, catching up on everything going on in the wild world of Lucha and quite a bit of Impact Wrestling intermingled in.

- "Wrestling's Connor McGregor" Alberto El Patrón no-showing Impact vs. Lucha Underground and his latest excuse for burning bridges.

- The Impact vs. Lucha Underground show at WrestleMania Weekend that we saw on Twitch and what we thought of it as well as the Lucha Underground & AAA presence at Impact's Redemption show this Sunday.

- Jack Evans and Angelico out of Lucha Underground! What are their future prospects?

- AAA making some surprising moves, including seemingly working out their name game legal struggles with Penta and Fénix, using The Crash wrestlers, and getting Rey Mysterio Jr. back in the fold for Verano de Escandalo.

- We wrap it up with CMLL and talk about their Friday shows we missed, including Matt Taven winning the NWA Welterweight Title and the past Friday show with a strong Negro Casas/Soberano match.

- Técnico Kraneo!

- The Torneo Nuevo Valores tournament including the Magia Blanca vs. Flyer final match coming up. Who impressed, who didn't, who will win? All questions answered.

- Why did CMLL run the first ever Carístico vs. Místico match in Puebla!?

- Will Fredo go to the Heroes of Lucha "All In" 10,000 seat event?

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