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Lucha Talk

Nov 9, 2016

Lucha Talk returns with an episode for the ages. (Make sure to listen to the end for a blooper that saw Chad Johnson get inexplicably referenced in the original start of the's been a hard week, people.) And on that note we cover a match with a finish so dumb it embarrassed us to give publicity to, as between that, a great brawl between Black Terry & Hijo de Diablo which featured a mid-match purse theft, and's signings with Black Terry Jr. & Carxyus, the indie scene was busy this week and it's all here. Lucha Underground & AAA both had their weekly shows, and more love for Dario Cueto & Averno ensued, as well as talk of the debuting Máscara de Broncé as well as optimism for the coming weeks of Lucha Underground. CMLL closes things out this week with talk of Máscara Dorada as he nears the end of his run in México, as well as one of the best Lucha matches of the year with an amazing moment as the torch was passed between generations before our eyes with Hechicero winning his first title in CMLL. Check out our own Raul Rodriguez's great interview with CMLL & Independent Luchador Tritón: http:/ Also see friend of the show Dave Dynasty's snazzy interview with CMLL Luchador Johnny Idol: http:/ Follow Dylan @DylanZeroPS , Alfredo Esparza @therealfredo , Raul @LIFERFEVER , and rate, review, & subscribe to Lucha Talk! Tell your friends & help the show grow!