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Lucha Talk

May 24, 2018

Lucha Talk is back! In a absolutely huge week for Lucha in general as we saw the shocking return of LA Park and his son to CMLL. We talk about why it happened, what it means, and the huge main event of LA Park vs. Rush being set up for Aniversario, answering age old questions. Not only that we had possibly the best weekend of the year for AAA & CMLL in the ring with two great shows! AAA brings it with an incredible opener with Fredo & Dylan's indie favorites making their AAA debut in Aramis & Astrolux and tearing the house down as well as The OGTs and Poder del Norte's best match ever. We also talk about Verano de Escandalo's updated card, and the potentially improving women's division. In CMLL they had two equally great matches with the return of the great Dinamitas Trios match against a very talented Técnico team. And a main event which is a match of the year candidate, and made two new stars with Flyer and Templario delivering the goods in the main event of the final of the Gran Alternativa. Tons of interesting news and updates on DTU, Ayako Hamada's drug arrest and more.

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