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Lucha Talk

Jun 21, 2018

Lucha Talk is back and so is Lucha Underground, we talk about everything going on in the Temple with Aztec Warfare, Antonio Cueto, Tommy Dreamer, & confusing blood & pizza sauce. Before that though we go deep into AAA, their TripleMania main event with LA Park and Pentagón Jr.'s shocking announcement. How the tea leaves are turning in regards to who will lose their mask at the event, and how this is all possible. Then a bit about AAA trying to run Madison Square Garden ensues and all the ins and outs of that historic possibility. Then finally we close with CMLL and go in depth on the LA Park/Rush feud, nunchucks, & Rey Fénix's debut in Arena México and how successful he was. Finally some discussion about the death of Arkangel de la Muerte and how respected, like, and his meaning to modern CMLL Luchadores.

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