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Lucha Talk

Nov 16, 2016

The Trios champions of podcasting return through thick and thin to deliver another trés caidas of Lucha Talk. As always the crew goes through the weekly shows highlighted by a great Lucha Underground main event in Grave Consequences. Everyone gets other topics including but not limited to: - Máscara Dorada's emotional farewell to CMLL and where it ranks as one of the best moments of the year. - Elite's back! But maybe not for much longer... - What's the deal with Lucha Memes, & CMLL? - Who's gonna win Aztec Warfare? (Spoiler, a particularly bold host makes the case for Dario Cueto to exit the temple with Lucha Underground Aztec gold. You heard it here first. Also there's research into who Pindar is and the real life result may surprise you.) - The show closes with the most fired up segment in Lucha Talk history revolving around Sexy Star of all people and her issues with AAA and her name, AAA's handling of Sexy Star and Rey Fénix since their departures. Well wishes from all of the Lucha Talk family to Máscara Dorada in his future in WWE! Follow us @DylanZeroPS - @therealfredo - @LIGERFEVER for daily Lucha fun, translations, and #PorraNieblaRoja #PorraMamba #PorraArgenis