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Lucha Talk

Oct 24, 2018

This week on Lucha Talk the Trio cover all things about Dylan's all time favorite wrestler, Blue Panther's 40th Anniversary Show. From Stukita flipping to Halcon Suriano Jr. and his future, to Pamterita del Ring's unexpected return to greatness, to the meaningless Trios match CMLL main events with for no reason, it's all gone over. Then things heat up with the return of the yearly Dia de Muertos shows, and of course the kick off next week with the Rey del Inframundo #1 Contender's match to see who will face Sansón at the hallowed shows. From there we give updates on Volador & Soberano in Japan, Ultimo Guerrero winning the CMLL Heavyweight Title, ROH's next two Luchadores coming in from CMLL, & Puma King going to DDT in Japan. We go through a AAA show Micro calls the Sunday Night Heat of Twitch, a Lucha Underground show with 4 times the Jake Strong, and we even get into Fredo's recent journey to PWG and what he thought of Hechicero vs Zack Sabre Jr. , meeting Bandido & Flamita, and the PWG experience.

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