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Lucha Talk

Aug 13, 2020

Today we end up looking at the the second part of the CMLL boom of the late 2000s, going through Místico's historic run all the way to his departure to WWE in 2011. We go over things in the company starting in 2007, the year where Místico had a wonderful feud with Dr. Wagner Jr. and starred in a top rated Telenovela! 2008 sees a seismic shift as major stars leave and a legend loses his mask in one of the biggest upsets is Lucha history. After that, in 2009 it's the year of Místico vs. Negro Casas & Japan vs. México with a young Tetsuya Naito in multiple hair matches! 2010 sees the true end as we talk about the dropped ball that was Místico's rudo turn, the terrible Invasores run, and the year of some of the most random cage matches in Lucha ever. We close it off by going over Místico's post-CMLL run as Sin Cara, Myzteziz & back to CMLL as Carístico in the Shadow of the 2000s boom.

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