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Lucha Talk

Jun 27, 2019

This week the Trio break down the Copa Dinastia final and everything that went wrong on the show, as well as a look at AAA coming to LA and speculation on if Fredo will go or not.

Jun 20, 2019

The Trio go over the Verano de Escandalo show from AAA on Twitch, covering the ups and the downs from the show. Then they move to CMLL which had a surprisingly good show with the semi-final #2 of the Copa Dinastia to set up next week's main event. Finally we talk about Nación de Lucha Libre, Alberto El Patrón &...

Jun 12, 2019

This week on Lucha Talk, the Trio go over the start of the start of the Copa Dinastia in CMLL, and then the AAA show featuring an incredible match of the year candidate between Laredo Kid vs. Hijo del Vikingo. Then we do a full preview (after originally just saying we would only do the important matches) of Verano...

Jun 5, 2019

This week on Lucha Talk the Trio covers CMLL's Juicio Final card with a MOTYC that nobody saw coming, and an overall strong show. We also talk a bit about the Luchardores representing in NJPW's BOSJ, the Young Bucks vs. Lucha Brothers match in AEW, and AAA's recent show on the 25th. Back from memorial day with a...