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Lucha Talk

Jun 27, 2023

Lucha Talk is back, Fredo is out this month but Dylan & Micro are here talking about everything going on in CMLL including Máscara Dorada 2.0's sudden change along with the original coming back as Metalik, FantasticaMania making it's Mexican debut to bring in the NJPW talent and the big breakup between Los Infernales, plus the Méxican National Women's title plans that all are setting up the Atlantis 40th Anniversary Show. In AAA it's more drama. SB KENTo & Takuma trying to make their way, Rush's back and forth standoff, his brother getting involved, and finally we preview TripleMania Tijuana in full, the craziness involved and the big main event between El Hijo del Vikingo & Kenny Omega for the AAA Mega Title as we head to TripleMania Mexico City.


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