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Lucha Talk

Jun 7, 2017

Lucha Talk is back, & Lucha Underground's back with it. The trio go over the return, "All Night Long" match and the decision to come back after 5 months with an Ironman match draw. From there we get to something many thought would never be seen again, a pretty alright episode of AAA Worldwide with AAA MVPs Hijo del Fantasma & Hijo del Vikingo getting spotlight. Thankfully things return to crazy with Verano de Escandalo results coming out and we talk about all the changes to the card, Apuestas losses & Vampiro's cake. Then things get more bizarre with an XLAW reunion, The Crash making more big moves with La Máscara & Máximo debuting on their latest show. Then even CMLL gets in on weirdness with an episode based around a Vangellys angle, as well as the Gran Alternativa tournament opening up with their Block A. Finally we give a brief rundown of Volador Jr. & Dragon Lee in NJPW's Best of the Super Juniors. Follow the gang & talk to us on Twitter: @DylanZeroSky - @therealfredo - @LIGERFEVER Always rate, review, subscribe and keep supporting Lucha Libre!