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Lucha Talk

Jun 21, 2017

Lucha Talk returns with the debut of MICROMANFEVER! And with him we have one of its most positive episodes in history this week as we talk about a great week for CMLL with Soberano continuing the best push in any wrestling company this year with another epic performance in the Gran Alternativa Final in a truly great match, with us discussing him & what's next for the "Sovereign" of CMLL. From there we jump to Lucha Underground & talk about the Cueto Cup, as well as the effects of Cage's Power Glove in matches & Lorenzo Lamas' greatest moments as an actor after his unfortunate meeting with "The Machine". Then we go to AAA with what both Dylan & "Micro" call the best AAA Worldwide of the year! Finally we have a special segment where we talk about the best indie matches of the week featuring an epic Rush/LA Park tag, a crazy Ingobernable/Rebelión brawl, & an excellent technical display from Virus & Prayer. In addition we have an update on the controversy surrounding Ultimo Guerrero, the Alvarados, Boby Zavala, & a second tape of the infamous car attack coming to light, as well as our take on interviews from Boby Z & one of the perps themselves speaking on the situation. Talk the Trio on Twitter @DylanZeroSky - @therealfredo - @MICROMANFEVER Review, rate, & spread the word, keep on with the help supporting Lucha Libre & Lucha Talk!