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Lucha Talk

Jun 29, 2017

This week on Lucha Talk the Trio looks at the breaking news on AAA wrestlers Drago & Hijo del Fantasma being brought into the AAA fold and what it means for the companies in question, as well as speculation on the meaning behind this after Lucha Underground's repeated public stance against its wrestlers competing in Impact. The Crash gets a spotlight with their recent show featuring a cage Apuestas match featuring a big turn and we talk about the future of both the Ingobernables as well as La Rebelión going forward. We also put a focus on the upcoming CMLL Universal tournament with predictions for winners of both blocks, as well as another tournament in Lucha Underground with the Cueto Cup continuing this week. The crew (well Dylan & Micro anyway, Fredo didn't even watch CMLL and the other two wish they hadn't) runs down the weekly shows, as well as close things out with a segment talking about the indie matches they watched and recs from the week in Lucha.

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