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Lucha Talk

Jan 11, 2024

LUCHA TALK IS BACK. Dylan & Microman Fever have returned to the mic and are back covering Lucha all over Mexico and then all over the Globe. If there was a grade to give, the big companies get an A and an F, and IWRG & the indies as a whole get an I for incomplete for what's been going on. We talk about the best of the whole year in both promotions and hang out talking about some issues with AAA. We then bring it in to talk about the impact Lucha's made on the worldwide stages in 2023, with some focus on AEW's usage of Luchadores, to WWE and how they've handled Dragon Lee this year, all the way to NJPW and the FantasticaMania lineup coming up next month. It's good to be back, and good to kick off 2024 right in this laid back look at Lucha Libre and our hopes for the new year.

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