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Lucha Talk

Feb 27, 2024

Lucha Talk is back, get ready for the Clone Wars! AAA had their Rey de Reyes, one of their biggest shows of the year. Things aren't great as they have multiple re-gimmkck-ings on the table as well as a terrible injury to Hijo del Vikingo, their MEGA Champion. We talk about all of their many issues and then take a turn to greener pastures, CMLL! We talk about their torneo de escuelas, a showcase for the "newer" talents of CMLL and how this year compared to last. We talk about and give a full preview of Homenaje Dos Leyendas which is main evented by AEW talents! Which leads into the discussion of the CMLL/AEW relationship and how the Luchadores have been used so far on their TV (Spoiler: We like it) as well as potentially the future of the relationship. We close out with a bit of talk on Trauma I & Wotan and Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr. winning the GHC Heavyweight Title in NOAH, the first ever Méxican GHC Heavyweight Champion!

Check us out on X (FKA Twitter) and let us know all about any topics, but of course most importantly Lucha Libre and bug Fredo about him being spoiled with Ohtani to the Dodgers!