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Lucha Talk

Sep 19, 2016

Lucha Talk has arrived, and the Trios is here on week 1 breaking down the biggest shows in the Lucha calendar! First TripleMania comes up with people who have left the company already in Taurus & Hijo de Pirata Morgan, a main event that a brave soul speaks out in favor of, but unfortunately English speaking commentary nobody would speak out for. More questions arise about what exactly "OGT" means as well as a confusing storyline centered around Donald Trump in México, and in fact Fredo sets the record straight on how hated the Méxican President is in comparison. A quick detour to Lucha Underground follows with talk of the first episode of the new season, and the mismanagement of Pentagón Jr. in both México as well as LU as Dylan especially laments the change in attire for Pentagón Dark started at Ultima Lucha Dos. CMLL Aniversario comes up next with talk of how over the exotíco Máximo is, Carístico hijinks, Máscara Dorada's greatness. and a great main event overshadowed by an incredible Rush promo & swerve and where we hope it goes. Finally the Trios goes into an in-depth breakdown what many consider the match of the year in wrestling with Canis Lupus taking on the son of the legendary Negro Navarro, Trauma I, why it was so great, as well as the unforgettable post-match available on the TV version. Follow los hombres on twitter and keep the conversation going @DylanZeroPS - @therealfredo (as well as Fredo's great site ) - @LIGERFEVER Also check out thecubsfan's youtube for every bit of Lucha going on, including the Canis Lupus/Trauma I epic (+LuchaTV has the full match but the tv version features the emotional post-match) -