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Lucha Talk

Aug 21, 2019

Worlds collide as the Trio at Lucha Talk is joined by the Spanish voice of Ring of Honor pro wrestling, Rich Laconi! ( @Rich_Laconi ) and he joined us live from Mexico City! He was in town to see many CMLL shows and we talk about his live experience, as well as his appearance on CMLL Informa and perhaps his fashion regrets. Then we get down to business talking about Ring of Honor and especially their relationship with CMLL. We talk about his POV as well as differences between CMLL/ROH working together and NJPW/ROH working together and it building to the interpromotional storylines between the two companies, starting with the CMLL Gran Prix, then followed by ROH & CMLL's first ever joint show in the USA, Global Wars Espectacular, as well as the ROH Title matches between Matt Taven and Volador Jr. as well as Rush in September. We talk about the ROH & CMLL PPV dates being on the same day and the implications of it. Finally we talk a bit about Aramis getting placed into the Battle of Los Angeles to replace Bárbaro Cavernario, plus the announcement of AAA moving their New York show from Madison Square Garden to the Hulu Theater in New York and the disappointment of the project all around.

Special thanks to Ring of Honor and especially Rich for taking the time for Lucha Talk and our listeners.

Talk Lucha with the Trio (and Rich too!): @DylanZeroSky - @therealfredo - @MICROMANFEVER - @Rich_Laconi