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Lucha Talk

Feb 1, 2017

A week after one of the biggest stories of the year in Lucha, Dylan returns for a less hectic week in Lucha, though probably an even more hectic show. Unfortunately, we weren't at full strength again as LigerFever was under the weather (though he was still integral to the show with his editing & tech skills) & didn't appear. Fredo "The Constant" Esparza & Dylan team up for a loose conversation about Lucha Libre & its goings on. - Updates on La Rebelión & their interviews since leaving AAA - The Crash's recent moves & Konnan's recent comments regarding CMLL - How hard it is to get TV in México & what the scene's like there - A minor ELITE update - An update on Lucha Memes Chairo8, card changes, VOD & general confusion - A return to form for CMLL's Friday show as we break it down and somehow delve into Ultimo Guerrero in depth, and an update on Lucha Retro - Waxing nostalgic about Super Astros and what went wrong - And finally a Blue Demon update as the Telenovela somehow gets even weirder and we again question the historical accuracy of this show Follow us all on Twitter, as we aim to return next week in full force: @DylanZero0615 - @therealfredo - @LIGERFEVER