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Lucha Talk

Oct 5, 2016

Dylan, Raul, & Fredo are back for episode tres of Lucha Talk, breaking down the Alberto El Patrón-less Heroes Inmortales results, including Dylan's misfire on Australian Suicide and how everyone else was right. From there we break down a so-so Lucha Underground with the highlight to one host being Dario Cueto's hug with Cortez Castro. CMLL comes up with the excellent rivalry between Volador Jr. & Cavernario and then a surprising twist with a breakdown of Niebla Roja, old En Busca de un Idolo episodes and how much we miss it, and many CMLL midcarders who have lost motivation. The show closes out with talk of Elite, Shocker's announcing abilities as well as his car and finally AAA Star Battle in Japan with Odo featuring a Triple Threat and a tag match that should be must watch. Not to mention in Lucha Libre outside of México, Dragon Lee faces Kamaitachi in ROH in a great match that both Dylan and Raul saw and break down to cap off a loaded and at times strange edition of the show, that could only end with a RobViper shoutout.