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Lucha Talk

Oct 11, 2016

Lucha Talk is back for episode cuatro, running down all the major topics of Lucha Libre, plus update on Alberto El Patrón's Ring Attire in the UK. ROH bringing in a Luchador for Glory by Honor, CMLL's embarrassing faux pas in it's Universal tournament, and the great Zeuxis' prospects after her recent WWE tryout. Lucha Underground gets full coverage after the show get called out by a listener (Unknown via DM that Dylan deleted) for being too harsh on the Boyle Heights crew. (And all 3 men praise this week's LU episode anyway) Things take an unexpected turn after expected ELITE madness with IWRG updating their youtube after years, and Dylan & Fredo offer insight into wacky indie Lucha gimmicks to close out a fun hour+ of the show. Also of note, as the title says, check out Raul/Liger Fever's new tumblr with his awesome interview translations, and help support him and the show with rating & subscribing Lucha Talk in support of the show and Lucha Libre! -