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Lucha Talk

Jul 12, 2017

The newest episode of Lucha Talk is on the scene and the Trio are giving you the rundown of everything going on on your favorite weekly Lucha shows and promotions.

- In CMLL we cover Atlantis' injury, what the heck is gonna be the Aniversario main event, and a bad Super Viernes featuring Block B and the continued embarrassment of Niebla Roja, as well as much worse to come next week with Pierroth vs. Vangellys

- In AAA we talk about the end of Verano de Esacandalo, featuring a terrible main event with the show being saved by two hilarious moments

- In Lucha Underground Fredo continues to be bored with the show while it actually turned out okay this week with two solid matches, a great Dante Fox vignette, & Vampiro story confusion with Son of Madness.

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*Note: This show was recorded late Monday with only a brief mention of the Alberto El Patrón / Paige situation & mainly in regards to Alberto coming to TripleMania. Any additional info that came out was after this show was recorded.