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Lucha Talk

Oct 18, 2016

Dylan, Fredo, and Raul return with all sorts of Lucha hijinks including kicking off with news on a La Parka impersonator that legit made headlines in México from his prison cell, with responses from original Parka LA Park and the current La Parka. Things go right to CMLL with the upset of the year in the Universal tournament and a mystery man in a new gimmick of Drone that got a wacky debut which leads with Ángel de Oro gets rave reviews in his ROH debut to the delight of one of the hosts. Lots of Heroes Inmortales talk follows on the AAA end including a disappointing lack of Argenis in the Copa Antonio Peña and an excellent ladder match. Lucha Underground follows with more love of Dario Cueto and Jack Evans and how we all knew he was a star right away. Elite talk closes things out and groans follow at Lucha cagematches. All sorts of news all around in between round out episodio de cinco of Lucha Talk!