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Lucha Talk

Oct 26, 2016

Lucha Talk is back continuing in its record breaking streak of Lucha podcasts with a loaded show in which all 4 weekly shows in Lucha get ran down from the perspective of los hombres, with Lucha Underground, AAA Worldwide, CMLL on ClaroSports, and Elite all get ran down, with the prevailing opinion on 3 of the 4 shows that next week will be better. Not on Lucha Underground though as it's declared one of the best episodes of the season. (Outside of one performer being anointed as the Cibernetic Robot Ghost of Christmas Past of wrestling by a certain host) In other big news, there's an extensive breakdown of Rey Fénix's painful injury, and a spirited discussion of Jack Evans alleged firing by AAA, the fallout from it, and the unfortunate circumstances surrounding it. Rush & La Máscara to WWE rumors are fired up yet again and differing opinions shine through on the likelihood of Los Ingobernables reuniting. The main event of the show features the Volador Jr. fanclub convening as they discuss Volador's big win in his Block of the Universal tournament to set up the final of the tournament as Sky Team faces off to main event the Friday Dia de los Muertes show. Don't forget to rate, subscribe, & talk to us all on twitter! @DylanZeroPS @therealfredo @LIGERFEVER . Gracias, mis amigas y amigos.