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Lucha Talk

Jul 27, 2018

Lucha Talk is back! AAA has two big shows and a big debut from Puma King , CMLL has a ton of big shows and Aniversario speculation to go through with LA Park, Pentagon, Fenix, Atlantis, and more! Lucha Underground is 5 episodes in to their new season, how has the trio taken to Dario Cueto becoming Antonio Cueto, and the ongoing storylines and matches recently? We talk about Ultimo Ninja's impending signing with NXT, Garza Jr's potential time there and how Ninja compares to the current Méxican WWE superstars. There's also a little Impact Wrestling talk with Penta and Fenix both at Slammiversary and looking spectacular. Also at one point Dylan and Fredo figure out what Magic Johnson and Vampiro have in common upon reuniting, and the show closes with some talk on Rayo de Jalisco and his life and death.

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