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Lucha Talk

Sep 28, 2016

Lucha Talk's back with "The Lionel Richie of Lucha" Fredo Esparza, "Liger Fever" Raul Rodriguez, and "Peña Nieto's Worst Enemy" Dylan Harris in a return to form talking about Alberto El Patrón's leave of WWE, return to the main event scene of AAA, and a preview of AAA's Heroes Inmortales card, with the Trios then speculating on where LA Park could fit in. (With one of the 3 calling for Park to join Team Trump) After a brief foray into Gran Metalik/Máscara Dorada and his greatness, the team run down the episode of Lucha Underground with equal parts praise of PJ Black & lament of Dragon Azteca Jr.'s opponents list in LU and Matt Striker irritating everyone yet again. Finally los hombres break down CMLL's recent history lesson with its Leyendas show, the greatness of Reyes del Aire ending with Volador vs Cavernario and the potential fun of Volador vs Mistico. Afterwards a breakdown of the CMLL & ROH relationship, how underrated Matt Taven is, who gets helped more and potential people ROH should look at. With a grand finale of the insanity that is ELITE, it's a hectic and action packed show again.